Family Nutrition


Kids and High Blood Pressure

Did you know that children, and even very young babies, can have high blood pressure? We can help show you why early detection is important, as high blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke in adulthood.

Are Your Children Getting Enough Fiber in Their Diet?

Fiber rich foods can be particularly beneficial to children. However, your kids aren’t likely to sit down to a meal loaded with fiber. Quaker has some helpful tips to incorporate fiber into their daily diet.

Health Concerns of Moms

Being a mother brings a lot of joy, and just as many concerns. One of those concerns is ensuring your children have a healthy diet, as inadequate nutrition can put your child at risk for many health conditions. This article can help put you on the right path.

Are Your Young Athletes Getting the Nutrition They Need?

Got young athletes in your family? Quaker can give you the tips and strategies you need to ensure that they get the necessary nutrition for their active and growing bodies.

How to Sneak Nutrition Into Snack Time

Snacks aren't all bad – especially when you sneak in some nutritious goodies. You can satisfy your children's appetite and start building healthy eating habits with these helpful ideas. They're fun for the whole family!

Tips For Sneaking Fiber Into Your Child's Diet

You already know how important fiber is to your own diet. But did you realize that your child benefits from fiber too? Find ways to add fiber to your child's diet with these easy, fun and delicious tips.

Whole Grains for New Moms

As a mom of a new baby, you’re concerned about the foods you eat and the nutrition for you and your newborn. One has to take important factors into account such as a healthy, balanced diet.


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