Healthy Eating Tips for Ramadan - Part 1

Plan ahead for Healthier Ramadan Meals

By Indra Balaratnam
Consultant Dietitian

Healthy Eating Tips for Ramadan - Part 2

Sahur – The Most Important Meal of the Day

Healthy Eating Tips for Ramadan - Part 3

Replace Heavy Foods during Iftar with Wholesome Choices 

The Secret of Fiber

Fiber is not exactly seen as a “glamorous” nutrient in the world of food … its pseudo name is roughage, and its claim to fame is that it helps with

Staying Energetic during Ramadan

Many people across the globe fast during the holy month of Ramadan, and fasting has numerous benefits.

A Hearty Breakfast

Many of us are familiar with the common saying that the most important meal of the day is breakfast. But, why is this so?

What about this year's preparations for Ramadan?

Many housewives and mothers think about this question especially since Ramadan this year comes during the hot s

Healthy snacking in my home

Any food believed to be ‘good for you, especially if high in fiber, natural vitamins, fructose, etc. Healthy foods may reduce cholesterol, reduce atherosclerosis and risk of stroke

Easy cooking ways to reduce calories in food

Some people are following incorrect ways in preparing food meals every day, which can harm the health of all family members, like adding a large am