Replace Heavy Foods during Iftar with Wholesome Choices 

By Indra Balaratnam
Consultant Dietitian

Iftar is the time to have a small meal to break your fast at sunset. Avoid filling up on greasy foods such as cakes and deep-fried snacks as these can cause indigestion. Instead, break your fast with naturally sweet choices such as dried fruit-like dates, apricots and raisins.

Consider these wholesome choices for iftar:

  • Savoury soups with Quaker soups as the entree.
  • Cook Quaker Oats Pasta and then stir-fry it with meat, fish or chicken and some vegetables

The soluble fiber in oat may slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and(1). may help stabilize your blood sugar levels and help keep you going, as you prepare for evening prayers prior to your main dinner meal.

It is also advisable to keep some snacks in your car, briefcase or handbag for days when you are stuck in the rush hour traffic after work, for iftar or breaking off your fast at sunset.  This will prevent the cycle of extreme hunger pangs, overeating and indigestion at your main dinner meal after prayers.


1) 2010 US Dietary Guidelines for Americans Advisory Committee Report  Part D, Section 5.

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