Can a child be present in the kitchen with the mother during the preparation of food and is it safe for the mother and child or not? Many mothers who feel anxious during the presence of children in the kitchen wonder about this.

The presence of children in the kitchen reflects an atmosphere of fun and positive morale for the child so there’s no need to worry. There are only a few simple steps that can be followed by every mother. After that, the child’s presence in the kitchen becomes completely safe. Here are the most important steps:

  • Keep both sharp machines and knives out of the reach of children.
  • Select a special place for children in the kitchen like sitting at the kitchen table without wandering around the kitchen so that the mother can move easily while cooking.
  • Keep all hot pots out of the reach of children and it’s always preferable that children do not approach the oven.
  • Be cautious when frying food in oil, because drops of hot oil can splatter. Therefore, children must stay out of the kitchen until the frying process ends.
  • Children must not touch raw foods such as chicken or meat because these foods contain bacteria and germs that may harm the child and may be transferred by the child to all kitchen surfaces.
  • Always make sure you sterilize kitchen surfaces with the right disinfectants.

A selection of easy and quick recipes for children:

There are many simple and quick ideas that children can help in preparing:

Orange cups

Cut each orange in half and empty the inside, then add your child’s favorite jelly flavor and fruit pieces.

Sugar jelly squares

Add one cup of juice or water when preparing the jelly, then add a tablespoon of starch diluted in a spoonful of water. Pour into a mould and leave in the freezer, then cut into squares and cover with sugar.

Strawberries covered with liquid chocolate and nuts

One of things that children enjoy is dipping fruit pieces in chocolate and then decorating them. Served with baked cookies.

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